Vision Insurance

-Up to 84% Savings on Vision Services
-Over 71,000 Providers to Choose From
-Comprehensive Eye Exam Coverage
-Corrective Lenses Coverage
-Annual Allowance Towards Frames

Health Insurance

-Any Doctor, Any Hospital!
-24-hour coverage, on or off the job
-Portable coverage
-Quality coverage available for periods of critical illness
-Wellness & Health Screening Benefits Available

Dental Insurance

-3 Plans to Choose From Tailored for Your Needs
-Preventative Dental Care Coverage
-Basic Dental Care Coverage
-Major Dental Care Services Available
-Orthodontic Care Services Available


A Health Advisor Who Actually Cares

I am serious about helping you! I have always had a passion for helping others: anytime, anywhere and in any way I possibly could. Just ask my wife and children. No matter where we are/were I stopped and helped someone I saw that needed it. Now, I am Blessed to be a Health Agent with USHEALTH Advisors – whose very Mission Statement is H.O.P.E.; Helping Other People Every day. This grants me the opportunity to give active and future clients peace of mind knowing they have a dedicated agent in me! And as your agent, your health is my priority.

We Have Access to These Companies and More!

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Open enrollment for the Marketplace has been extended through January 15th, 2022.

For private insurance, you can enroll anytime during the year. 

Yes, you can, depending on the circumstances.

-If it’s private insurance, you can enroll anytime.

-If you are searching within the Marketplace, you can only enroll only during open enrollment. Otherwise, you have to have a qualifying life event.

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Depends on your zip code, age, weight, health status, etc. We can help you get the most affordable health care for your specific circumstance. Get a quick and hassle-free consultation now to find out more!

It depends on your specific circumstances. For an ACA plan, during open enrollment you can apply and typically get accepted right way. With Private insurance, you will go through an underwriting process which could take up to 24 hours or longer.

Usually, depends on the plan you choose. For instance, PPO insurance allows you to go to whichever doctor you want.

Yes, please Call Us for more information.